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What you can do about it: If you can prove the content originated at your site – which isn’t difficult to do with dated blog posts or other content updates – you can file a Cease and Desist and DMCA Takedown Notice.If the offending content thief doesn’t remove the content after you ask nicely and slap him or her with some paperwork, you can send a DMCA notice to that person’s web host who will request removal or the site will be shut down. There are so many thieves stealing profile images from Facebook and passing themselves off as another person.Bloggers, podcasters, photographers and video producers are doing amazing things with their content, and achieving excellent results.As someone who has been blogging for well over a decade, seeing us all come to this point is truly rewarding.Even if you’re not a blogger, podcaster, or video producer, you’re still putting content online. Someone can even use your profile photo to pass themselves off as someone completely different so they can mislead others.What you can do about it: If someone is using your profile photo without permission, request an immediate cease and desist -but don’t leave it at that.

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A good recourse is to educate people about copyright laws, content theft, and theft of service.You can try asking the person doing the sharing to please make sure you’re attributed as the content creator, though.